Jyoti Transformers Manafacturing Isolation transformers is a 3 phase transformer used to transfer electrical power from a source of alternating current (AC) power to some equipment or device while isolating the powered device from the power source which can be a 1 phase or 3 phase, usually for safety. These types of three phase step down or step up Isolation transformers provide galvanic isolation and are used to protect against electric shock, to suppress electrical noise in sensitive devices, or to transfer power between two circuits which must not be connected togetherSuitably designed 3 phase step up transformer or step down transformers block interference caused by ground loops. 3 phase transformers with electrostatic shields are used for power supplies for sensitive equipment such as computers or laboratory instruments.

Single Phase Control Transformers


Jyoti Transformers Manafacturing In India Makes Single phase Control Transformers. This is a Air cooled Type Transformers Which is manufactured in Jyoti Transformers in India We Manufactured  Single Phase Transformers In Copper as Well as Aluminum as per customers Requirements.

Single Phase Transformers are to supply power to control and / or auxiliary equipment not intended for direct connection to the main source. Control Transformers are specifically used to provide control supply voltage for the control circuits of AC motor starters, i.e. Starter coils, timers, indicating lamps electronics protection relays etc. Control Transformers for contractor applications have to Energize the coil and Maintain a contact for definite period of time. The initial energizing of the coil takes 5 to 40 mil. seconds and requires 3 to 10 times the normal current. While calculating the VA rating of the Control transformer, this factor should be taken in to account. They are available for single phase and three phase inputs and are in the range from 15 VA to 30 KVA.

100 KVA Isolation Transformers


 Jyoti Transformers Manafacturing in India makes Higher safety isolation transformer with 100 kVA power rating, is available in the circuit of AC 50Hz/ 60Hz. It can step down 3 phase voltage 400V to 208V, step up 208V to 400V type is available to select, designed for use in control circuits and general applications such as mechanical and electronic equipment, precision machine tool, CNC machine tool, lighting, etc.

This specification covers the requirements of 100KVA enclosed dry type power
transformer used in electrical system for oil rig application. This specification is
generally based on IS 2026 for Power Transformers and IS 11171 dry type power

The transformer shall have delta connected 415VAC, 50Hz primary winding and
star connected 415VAC (L-L), 50Hz secondary winding with neutral brought out.
The transformer shall be used as an isolation transformer to feed the AC auxiliary
load & lighting loads of VFD house and will be placed inside the AC power control
room (AC PCR).
As oil rig application calls for economic usage of space, supplier shall make every
effort to minimize dimensions through optimum design.

20 KVA Three Phase Isolation Transformers


The Jyoti Transformers In Nashik Drive Isolation Transformers are specifically designed to accommodate the special voltages and kVA sizes unique to
AC and DC motor drive applications.

This specification covers the requirements of 20 KVA enclosed dry type power
transformer used in electrical system for oil rig application. This specification is
generally based on IS 2026 for Power Transformers and IS 11171 dry type power
transformer. We provided Aluminum as well as Copper Material winding.

20 KVA Open Delta Transformers

20-kva-open-delta- Jyoti transformer
20-kva-open-delta- Jyoti transformer

Jyoti Transformers Manufactured 20 KVA Open Delta Transformers. An open delta transformer is a three phase transformer that only has two primary and secondary windings, with one side of the delta phase diagram “open”. This allows a circuit to remain powered during a failure of a transformer, albeit at a lower overall load factor.

A delta-wye transformer is a type of three-phase electric power transformer design that employs delta-connected windings on its primary and wye/star connected windings on its secondary. A neutral wire can be provided on wye output side.

Single Phase PCB Mounted Transformers



Jyoti Transformers Manufactured PCB transformers and Supply all Over the India Single Phase PCB Mounted Transformers are vacuum molded and feature a very high proof voltage as a result. Used on the PCB, they provide electrical isolation as a power transformer or safe electrical isolation for the input and output sides as an isolating or safety transformer. BLOCK’s wide range of standard solutions provides the ideal supply for your circuit, from PCB transformers offering absolute or limited short-circuit protection or ones that are not short-circuit proof.

Jyoti Transformers Manufactured These PCB mounting transformers have two independent primary windings for 120V and 240V working. They consist of dual secondary’s that provide a range of low voltage outputs to cater for your needs. Our PCB Transformers are manufactured to designs and specifications that meet the insulation requirements of BS3535 EN60742 and CE Marked.